19 January 2009

Chinatown...Here I come...

I pontang my usual ballet lesson as I was down wif flu and mummy worried the super mian lui aircon room for my ballet class will worsen my condition. Aiya, think she lazy to send me ter since she hasn't finish buying all necessary barangs for coming CNY. Morning was groceries shopping and it was until noon time then off we went to CHINATOWN.

I haven't been jalan-ing at Chinatown for long, not to mention didi. This time round not at CS where papa usually goes for his toys but really jalan at those crowded streets and shops while papa went to CS alone. He joined us later after his usual CS affair.

The human traffic was really frightening. Look at the crowd and the queue will put u off in buying things liao. Luckily mummy only wanna buy 2 things as her 'candy-box' aka 8 Treasure Box for CNY still short of gua zi the pumpkin seeds. She insisted to put the rose gua zi cos pinkish red looks auspicious rather than green like Hari Raya or white like Christmas.

She was looking for a new year cap for our dear Haro in the living room. Papa ever expressed his interest to buy It a cap since Haro wears X'mas cap every year. She found a shop selling it but left the displayed piece nia and moreover was the soft type. She dun mind last piece but thot wanna look around to see better deal. She walked around everywhere but couldn't find. She even went to the market oso in vain so at last walked back to the same shop to buy while we stayed put at some point to wait for mummy to return. It was then she met up with papa and together they went to get the cap.

They saw the hard type just NEXT DOOR and was a stack of it after buying the one-and-only piece. Darn....fated to have the soft type. Well, mummy blamed it on the crowd for overlooking it. She went up to check on the price and was more expensive. Heng ah else she will bang her chest and knock her head.

We waited near a stall selling mochi and TW hard Jellies and me think the sellers lurve didi to bits. Gave him and me each a mochi and a hard jelly.

Before Haro could wear the cap, me and didi oredi have a try on it. Do I look cute in it?

Wat abt didi? We are full of CNY mood...Counting down to the Lunar New Year!

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