02 January 2009


We went for this movie titled "Ponyo on the Cliff by the sea" at Northpoint earlier. This was Wenz 1st PAID movie ever after as she was stopped by the 'ticket checker' or whatsoever U called em'. They made her stand against the height chart and that's it! Dun even hv to deny, the moment she stood there, it was obvious that she was over 90cm hence NO ENTRY for her without a ticket. I went down to buy another tix for her. Hmm....made me ponder for a while.....so this was my 1st day of 2009....*sigh* which means a PAID YEAR start. So does that symbolise my whole year will require a whole lot of $?

Anyway, this lil' setback did not damper my determination in bringing her to watch this movie. I'm not a craze definitely but Wenz has been pestering US to bring her to watch it. There we were at the cinema. Personally i find this movie contain some funny elements in it and touching moments too. The drawing style is like old school anime, more like a children fantasy movie. Definitely suitable for kids but too bad Wenz dun understand the language else she will enjoy it even more. The only moment she enjoyed most was the ending when the theme song "ポニョポニョポニョ魚の子......." was sung in the movie.

Anyway the movie is Niceeee.....Enjoy the trailer below:

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