19 January 2009

1st Steamboat 4 Year of OX

Steamboat is mummy's fave and she has arranged a steamboat dinner over at our place for 2 of her good friends.

But before her friends were here, ye-ye and nai-nai came over for dinner 1st. Papa joined in too.

This papa was too greedy hungry that he dun wanna look at the camera. Hmm....mummy, enuf of foto-taking else ye-ye dun dare to start. :p

We went retro this year by going 'wireless' cos of didi lah. Ya, this cooker using canister gas has served mummy's family for years till mummy so old BIG. Gong-gong has brought it over from his house. Think mummy has the intention to kapo it over. Hiak hiak hiak...

Yummy dinner...even I had a big bowl of it but stretched over an hour of feeding and yelling by my mummy. Mummy's friends soon arrived and mummy joined them for a 2nd round of steamboat after feeding me till everything inside the pot was cleared. *burp* (",)

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