26 January 2009


The long awaited Lunar New Year has arrived. I waited for the kids to wake up as they only went to bed this morning at around 3am. It was until noon then we popped over to my in-law's place.

I brought the 2 'ang baos' over. Dun you think they look like red packet? Didi especially loves his CNY outfit. He kept saying 'mei mei'. Another vainy pot in our family. HB said he takes after ME. Tsk tsk tsk....(",)

We had lunch shortly after we reached. This dessert was the attraction of the day. Anyone who came had a bowl of this DIY refreshing 'cheng ting'.

Didi oso had a bit of it. Besides going around asking for food, his fave activity for the day outta be carrying mandarin oranges around and throwing it like a ball. *shake head*

I got all dressed up in my another nonya costume. Kept it for sooo long till it nearly turn mouldy and never wore it before. As nonya is the IN-thing now so I dare to showcase it, wahahaha. Moreover, ML cooked nonya dishes on that day for all guests who came. What's more??? Both HB and mine grandmas were Nonya. Yes, our chor-chor were real nonya. FL was delighted to see me wearing this. I guess it does bring back some fond memories of his mum.

Wenz was not at all lady-like. She loves wearing dresses but look at her sitting and lying postures. *shake head* All could see her underwear. Aiyoo...shame shame...must train her to be more demure.

Look at this! It's really sooo IN. HB's 2 aunties were dressed in nonya costume too. They were so crazy about taking photographs together and I could only obliged.

In-law's house was a one-stop station with all relatives coming for visiting. We spent one whole day there too and return home only at about 10pm.


  1. Hehehe, this year right after watching the Lil' Nonya, the 'nonya wind' is blowing very strongly.


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