05 January 2009

Going Red....

Today is the 12th day of Christmas and papa has long kept our X'mas tree in the storeroom few days after 25th before his ops. Papa is the I/C for X'mas deco while mummy is the I/C for CNY. Papa will set up and keep back the X'mas tree @home every year.

Mummy has done up the CNY deco @home oredi. I think she has super-CNY mood this year as she went to buy lotsa decos back to paste and hang on New Year's Day.

Aunty Doris gave us a hand-made fish lantern where mummy hung it under the fan. Swee bo? It's a female breed with ribbons and eye-lashes. Chio leh!!! :p

Jeanie jiejie helped mummy to make a pair of oranges. I'm sure you hv seen those mini tiny ones. Mummy requested to have her oranges made BIG and round and not the tiny mini de. Me and didi couldn't stop ourselves touching the oranges but mummy of course wun allow loh else before CNY this pair of nice oranges will become orange peels le. :p

Yippee...to me, it's just another upcoming party and I'm loving it.....tee hee hee...

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