26 January 2009

1st Visiting

The SOP for visiting places gotta be temple as our 1st place for visiting. This is a culture and norm on every eve of CNY for praying and celebrating CNY.

Didi can only lie down on the mattress last year and he is much more mobile this year. That explain why he was super happie the moment he reached.

He could run about everywhere he like, inspecting every corner touching here and there.

Look at his expression. Think next year he can 'fly' liao. He dun like being confined as you could hear him screaming the moment someone try to stop him or carry him.

Mummy said I was not any better than didi. I was jumping around on other people's bed like a lil' monkey. Soon the praying ceremony started and I joined in too.

We left shortly after praying cos need to go another temple before heading home and boy the time was oredi 12.45am but the 2 kids were still wide awake. Let 'em 守歲 a lil' longer, longevity for US. Happy Ox Year!

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