07 January 2009

QQ's Buff-day

Mummy and gang went partying without jio-ing me and didi. Hmph...shall not talk to her for a day. It was aunty QQ's buff-day and there they were out celebrating for her.

The gang consist of the BD gal, aunty Doris..

..my mummy and aunty Karen.

They called themselves the Tai-Tai Club (TTC) wor...*shake head*

How come dun bring me along if u find didi noisy leh? Went Swensens leh....darn...me no chance to eat fries and ice-cream. U all buay steady leh...dun care arh, U owe me one. :p

*sigh* How come mummy the planner so cheapo never buy u cake so that U can blow off the candle properly? Hmm...innovative oso lah..kekeke

Surprise gift in a box after their meal :)

My fave time...pressies pressies opening moment...

Each aunty tai-tai gives BD gal one gift that could be found in the box..

*sigh*If I were aunty QQ, I'll rip off the wrapper le. Next time ask me help u okie, all I ask for is an ice-cream sundae in return :p

Chey, not toys arh.....Dun understand why laugh until sooo happie like strike TOTO or 4D, the thing she holding on doesn't look interesting to me leh...

What was the pressie? Mummy said this pic I cannot see so I'm off the PC le. *eyes being covered* But wait a moment, me and didi together with the TTC wanna wish aunty QQ a memorable and enjoyable Birthday!

D: Must wear hor, dun waste our $. :p
I: SOS helpline is 24hrs, call me if u dunno how to wear. :o
K: Wait for your good news. :)

Happy Buff-day to U!!! (",)

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