03 January 2009

Papa Going Ops

Papa went for a minor surgery at AH and returned home safe and sound few hours after the ops. Mummy was the only person accompanying him to the hospital. He was ter to remove a cyst on his back where I called it "a lump". :)

She waited outside the Operating Theatre for almost 45 minutes machiam like in movie but of course she sat ter relax one corner lah and not pacing up and down. Papa came out and related his experience inside ter to mummy. The 1st thing papa said was "I'm like a guinea pig". The stitching was terrible cos there were 2 trainee doctors in ter learning to cut and stitch. The whole process were long and full of error where they gotto re-stitch and re-stitch until the doctor took over the job. Luckily papa very calm and patient, think if it's mummy, sure blow her top out of it and F em' upside down. :o

Papa was directed back to the Day Ward again where his belongings were kept upon check-in. Snacks were served too - cuppa milo & cheese sandwich. He rested for an hour plus before being discharge. Whoa! Was given 17 days medical leave. Gotto go back and unstitch abt 2 weeks later and go polyclinic to clean the wound on Monday. Thank god everything is fine. Speedy Recovery papa!!! (",)

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