31 December 2008

My Man is 30

HB's birthday was spent with all his love ones. He gotto eat my mum's signature mee sua soup in the morning as his brunch and the evening was spent dining away at Coronation Plaza.

Wenz was elated again having the opportunity to wear her nice dress and display her heels.

The timing was right, ambience was nice and food was superb. Whoever went had really good comment on it, even his sis who anti-veg food has good comment on it.

Below are some of the photos of the food that we had for our dinner.

Some dishes were missed out as mentioned the foodies were too yummy that the photographer aka Terence, the kiddos' godpa had put the camera aside. :p

Even didi also enjoyed the food there. Wenz on the other hand snacked alot and did not eat much as usual.

After the yummi-licious meal, everyone headed to our house for cake-cutting. The cake was the 3rd pressie that I wanna give since he oredi had his 1st 2 pressies in the morning.

It is a specially customised cake for the whole event. The outcome did not meet my high expectation but buff-day boy oredi on cloud nine upon seeing it. His fave MACROSS LOGO icon. Well, couldn't expect a lot from a very old school cake shop though.

Next will be count down to the New Year. I hereby wishing everyone a great and fruitful 2009. Happy New Year...

Surprise for my MAN

31st December is a very important date. Not bcos I gotto go cheong at countdown party nor go any clubbing with frens to celebrate the night away but it is YOUR birthday. How can I not do anything BIG for my ONE TRUE LOVE to have a memorable 30th birthday??? I have everything in plan while everyone is eagerly looking forward to send the last day of the year away and welcoming the New Year 2009.

U may think that I have arranged a special day out celebrating with U yesterday was YOUR present but tadah.....here I am going to give U something else other than yesterday outing.

U always say I'm a Jack of all trades and master of none. It's true that I love learning new things but none was used and put into real practice.

I always want to pick up a 3rd language so I enrolled myself in Jap class years back when J-pop was the in-trend then. I picked this language up partly oso bcos of U, hoping to help U translate when U were playing Jap games, reading game manual or other hobby mags. But then I stopped after attaining JLPT 4.

I signed up for adult piano lessons for about 3 terms and stopped after that. U dunno my main reason ba? Main intention then was to kill time as U were working shift and I have plenty of time to spare then. Though I always have the passion for piano and always hope to be able to play well in this instrument, the best and longest piece I could play is "The Entertainer" only.

*sigh*Yes, I admit I'm a master of none all due to my lack of patience, time, money and perseverance. U would say no excuses but all are facts leh, okie okie...and a bit of my nuah-ness can? :p

So on this special day of yours, I'd like to give u something special as a gift from the skills and knowledge I have acquired thru all these chap-pa-lang courses attended or thru self-mastering all these years.

As U r turning 30 this year, I'd like to present u 3 presents. By the time U r reading this posting in the morning on ur special day, U would have seen ur 1st pressie on top of the lappie le. Look out for the 2nd and 3rd that u will be getting. Though it may not be spectacular or extravagant, I have spent a lot of time cracking my tiny brain (u noe U r my brain) to come up with it, practicing it and designing it. Hope you will like it.:)

Lastly, Happy Birthday to U!!!! お誕生日おめてと御座います。(See, I'm using my Jap le, kekeke)

30 December 2008

Birthday Treat For My Man

Tmr is my hummy's birthday and I have taken a day off and plan a day out celebrating for him with juz the 2 of US . :)

All my original plan were ruined or rather changed to cater to seeing the needs of my man. My initial plan of going Hortpark in the early morning was changed to going to ICA to do his new NRIC. We reached there around 8+ and there wasn't any long queue. Hubby went there to take his photo as I find the photo-taking standard is quite good over at ICA.
I took my camera out to snap a photo of him queuing and was stopped immediately cos NO CAMERA is allowed. I quickly kept in my bag else they might think I'm some secret agent collecting info. But seriously I think if u are using a phone camera to snap, no one would have notice it loh.
Anyway, look at his passport photo, did u see any difference in him? The 1st person who can spot the difference will win a prize from me. (Deadline for answering is 23:59pm on 31st December 2008) :p

We didn't manage to collect the new I/C cos he is NOT ELIGIBLE to make new I/C according to the system. *sigh* OMG!!! Not 30 officially yet cannot do. What da....? Luckily the trip was not wasted as the application that we had handed in will be considered as submission. The only thing is gotta collect it at another date. Well, we went Beach Road for breakfast. Hmm....we were too early perhaps cos even the foodstalls were not ready for business. Luckily his fave old school wanton noodle stall was opened. We walked all the way to Bugis after breakfast. All shops were closed too as the time was not even 10am.

I suggested to catch a movie and we bot 2 tixs for "Bedtime Stories". Yippee....so long never go movie together wor....(",)
This is a very light-hearted movie. It's funny and happy. I love the guinea pig in this movie most. Oooh...that pair of popping eyes. Funny! The kids will love it.

The actual plan of going foot massage was cancelled but instead we shopped around and after which went to collect his toys that he has pre-ordered.

He was busy checking his stuffs to make sure the boxes are in superb condition. The shopping mainly were on toys, games, comics, figurines, model kits....Seriously, I weren't bored at all cos I was trained de okay!! Anyway, I oredi said I'm all yours today so U can do anything u like, go any place u want and see anything u yearn. U call the shot and have the say!!! :)

Tummies were growling and we went for Dim Sum buffet that I have placed reservation beforehand. Foodies were yummy but we were really lousy as buffet-goers cos our tums-tums got filled up so fast within an hour and the worse thing was we didn't eat a lot loh. However, both of US enjoyed the quiet and peaceful moment together. Though the day-out was a simple one, it was practical, fun-filled and great. Glad U enjoyed!! :p

Happy Birthday to my dearest Hummy!!!!

28 December 2008

It's Party Time!!!

Mummy had arranged for a X'mas gathering with her frens and oso my frens yesterday. I've been longing for this day to come as I'm a party animal. I couldn't contain my excitement and we started off the day by taking foto while waiting for the guests to arrive.

Aunty Karen n Kylie meimei were the 1st to reach as usual.
They came together with the Gym family aka Uncle Martin & family. Junhao didi is a very playful baby like my didi too. He was laughing out when mummy sang and talked to him. Heng ah, at least mummy didn't scare him off can liao. :p

Aunty Doris n Jeanie jiejie were the next to reach. The 2 charbos then took fotos flaunting their curls again!!! :D

The children started their day by keeping themselves busy and hands occupied on the "Decorating the X'mas Tree Coloring Activity" that was specially arranged by mummy.

Just when I was pestering mummy for Shervon jiejie, she appeared together with aunty Chris

and of course my fave, Teacher CN. How can I miss taking foto with my fave teacher using my fave signature pose? :) So sad she wun be teaching me next year!! :'(

The best piece of ART that day was from Jeanie jiejie.

If u r thinking how come my didi wasn't in the picture then U r not wrong....he was koon-ing lah. He cannot miss his afternoon nap de, else u can see a 'live Godzilla' ah. However, he has decided to shorten his nap time cos he oso party animal like me leh. He wun miss out da fun de loh.

Ryan korkor forever very quiet de leh. I think my mummy sure like him alot de cos she always asks me to shut up my mouth be quiet, to talk softly, not to make so much noise.....argh..until I can recite le loh...must invite Ryan korkor to my house often so that I can pass the "chatty-bugs" to him. Think I can tag-team with Shervon jiejie, hiak hiak hiak.

We had "pass-around-the-ball" game and another "Message-in-the-socks" game before proceeding to makan session.

Yummy....look at the foodies....Ah ma specially prepared some veg sushi, steamed some mini kuehs and chestnut cake while gong-gong brewed a fusion of chestnut and chrysanthemum drink for the guests. Since it was teatime so the foodies chosen were mini puffs, mini cakes, mini tartlets, mini eclairs and fruits.

How did the food fare? Look at aunty Doris and U will noe the answer, hahaha. I think Jeanie jiejie's fave gotto be the sushi ah ma had prepared. Another well-enjoyed item gotto be the chestnut cake ah ma has made. Even papa likes it. :p

Or u can look at Shervon too!!! Yum yum yum...Shervon jiejie's fave was the egg tart mummy has ordered.

After makan, mummy played another "shapes-finding" game with the children to decorate the X'mas tree that she has drew on the board. Hopefully all children enjoyed themselves in the gathering process....from coloring to games to makan to playtime.....

Mummy gave out X'mas goody packs and presents to all guests and not forgetting the balloons. Ho..ho..ho.. Merry merry X'mas to all of U...See ya next year!!! Happy New Year! :)

Look at Ryan korkor! Like PCK anot? Aunty Chris suggested to hv a dress-up party next time. Suggestion taken into consideration.....hehehe...but will need some planning....nvm..such hassle thing shall leave it to mummy ba. Let her go crack her brain else become rusty how?

A very big thank you for everyone who took their time off to attend this small lil' party with me. I enjoyed ur companion and had a great time playing with U.

Thanks aunty Chris, Tr CN and Shervon for their lovely presents! We went out to nai-nai's house shortly after mummy cleaned up the house. Gu-por gave me a pre-loved party dress wore by aunty Melissa. I simply love it and asked to put on it the moment we reached home.

It was pressie opening time and didi seemed uninterested as usual so he appointed me to help him. Who asked me to be one good and doting jiejie? Hmm...mummy, next time cannot say I always bully didi har...I oso help him alot de leh :p

Yippee...another playdoh set for me but WAIT...mummy said cannot play. Boo hoo...gotto wait till tmr. Hmph, dunno is my present or hers leh. (",)

25 December 2008

The Unexpected

It was pressie opening time and I gotto open mine too, tee hee hee :)

I asked HB to open his 1st and boy he was delighted to see a new snow cap for him. Initially I thot of buying back Oakley but none of the caps catch my eyes then I found Timberland. This cap could be used reversible. I'm glad he likes it.

So what did HB get for me? It's another Longchamp Le Pilage BAG, hehehe. One more carrier added into my bag collection. The more the merrier, hurray~~~:p

One thing that touches me a lot is HB takes note of slight detail. I remembered telling him casually in the train saying actually black Longchamp looks nice too and moreover I didn't hv a black bag so I have the intention of getting one soon. However, HB replied me saying he dun find the design nice and dissuaded me to buy. It was unexpected that he will get it for me as he said "bcos I like it so he bot it". Thanks hummy! U r my bag supplier, tsk tsk tsk (",)

Christmas Party

Our family Christmas Party for this year is scheduled to be held on the actual day 25th Dec at gu-gu's hse cos papa gotto work on the eve. This year party consist primarily of immediate family members only. We waited for papa to nap 1st but spoilsport mummy said we have to nap as well else NO X'mas Party for US tonight. Of course didi guai guai obliged loh....well, as for me, I oso slept for whole 2 hours loh cos mummy said tonight is pressies opening time for ME. Yeah, hurray!!!

Didi and I were both well-dressed for the occasion. I had fun running about there and taking photographs. Nai-nai even brought our toys over to gu-gu's hse for us to play juz in case we felt bored.

But we weren't bored at all. Didi was busy checking out the hse machiam like contractor lidat. His action sooo farny ah even ye-ye see liao oso find him so cutez then gave him tried some potato salad, then he moved around and nai-nai saw him oso found him sooo adorable and gave him few mouthful of the chocolate logcake, then ah ma saw him gey lek gey lek sooo interesting oso gave him half of the chocolate candy and when he walked to mummy, she oso gave him some of the icy cold chrysanthemum tea....sigh..basically he was busy going round pian jia pian jia loh. :p

Everyone filled their stomachs till full n round like the people in Wall.e, kekeke! Soon it was pressies opening time for the kids and Ben kor-kor was extremely excited over his presents. Everyone seems to noe what he likes and yearns for cos they bot the same Yu-Gi-Oh cards but different design for him. Kor-kor was over the moon man..Didi and I both got a pair of shoes from ye-ye and nai-nai. We both got some candies and cookies from Uncle Kel and gu-gu. :)

I We couldn't wait to get home for another round of pressies opening moment. Didi didn't show any interest in opening of the pressies but I ripped off the wrapper to reveal the content within excitedly.

But he was delighted when papa put the Transformer hooded towel on him. That was a present specially chosen by papa for didi.

Whoa! I We had a fruitful X'mas this year. I love the pressies ah ma gave me US especially. Mummy could foresee some snatching and fighting will evolve so reminded me repeatedly to SHARE else Santa Claus will take it away. Hmm...as if Santa is sooo free leh...hohoho :p

A very big thank you to everyone for ur presents! Merry X'mas (",)
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