25 December 2008

The Unexpected

It was pressie opening time and I gotto open mine too, tee hee hee :)

I asked HB to open his 1st and boy he was delighted to see a new snow cap for him. Initially I thot of buying back Oakley but none of the caps catch my eyes then I found Timberland. This cap could be used reversible. I'm glad he likes it.

So what did HB get for me? It's another Longchamp Le Pilage BAG, hehehe. One more carrier added into my bag collection. The more the merrier, hurray~~~:p

One thing that touches me a lot is HB takes note of slight detail. I remembered telling him casually in the train saying actually black Longchamp looks nice too and moreover I didn't hv a black bag so I have the intention of getting one soon. However, HB replied me saying he dun find the design nice and dissuaded me to buy. It was unexpected that he will get it for me as he said "bcos I like it so he bot it". Thanks hummy! U r my bag supplier, tsk tsk tsk (",)


  1. Thank you for the great Christmas gift. I always wanted another snow cap. Luv it and have wore it on the second day of Christmas.


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