31 December 2008

My Man is 30

HB's birthday was spent with all his love ones. He gotto eat my mum's signature mee sua soup in the morning as his brunch and the evening was spent dining away at Coronation Plaza.

Wenz was elated again having the opportunity to wear her nice dress and display her heels.

The timing was right, ambience was nice and food was superb. Whoever went had really good comment on it, even his sis who anti-veg food has good comment on it.

Below are some of the photos of the food that we had for our dinner.

Some dishes were missed out as mentioned the foodies were too yummy that the photographer aka Terence, the kiddos' godpa had put the camera aside. :p

Even didi also enjoyed the food there. Wenz on the other hand snacked alot and did not eat much as usual.

After the yummi-licious meal, everyone headed to our house for cake-cutting. The cake was the 3rd pressie that I wanna give since he oredi had his 1st 2 pressies in the morning.

It is a specially customised cake for the whole event. The outcome did not meet my high expectation but buff-day boy oredi on cloud nine upon seeing it. His fave MACROSS LOGO icon. Well, couldn't expect a lot from a very old school cake shop though.

Next will be count down to the New Year. I hereby wishing everyone a great and fruitful 2009. Happy New Year...

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