30 December 2008

Birthday Treat For My Man

Tmr is my hummy's birthday and I have taken a day off and plan a day out celebrating for him with juz the 2 of US . :)

All my original plan were ruined or rather changed to cater to seeing the needs of my man. My initial plan of going Hortpark in the early morning was changed to going to ICA to do his new NRIC. We reached there around 8+ and there wasn't any long queue. Hubby went there to take his photo as I find the photo-taking standard is quite good over at ICA.
I took my camera out to snap a photo of him queuing and was stopped immediately cos NO CAMERA is allowed. I quickly kept in my bag else they might think I'm some secret agent collecting info. But seriously I think if u are using a phone camera to snap, no one would have notice it loh.
Anyway, look at his passport photo, did u see any difference in him? The 1st person who can spot the difference will win a prize from me. (Deadline for answering is 23:59pm on 31st December 2008) :p

We didn't manage to collect the new I/C cos he is NOT ELIGIBLE to make new I/C according to the system. *sigh* OMG!!! Not 30 officially yet cannot do. What da....? Luckily the trip was not wasted as the application that we had handed in will be considered as submission. The only thing is gotta collect it at another date. Well, we went Beach Road for breakfast. Hmm....we were too early perhaps cos even the foodstalls were not ready for business. Luckily his fave old school wanton noodle stall was opened. We walked all the way to Bugis after breakfast. All shops were closed too as the time was not even 10am.

I suggested to catch a movie and we bot 2 tixs for "Bedtime Stories". Yippee....so long never go movie together wor....(",)
This is a very light-hearted movie. It's funny and happy. I love the guinea pig in this movie most. Oooh...that pair of popping eyes. Funny! The kids will love it.

The actual plan of going foot massage was cancelled but instead we shopped around and after which went to collect his toys that he has pre-ordered.

He was busy checking his stuffs to make sure the boxes are in superb condition. The shopping mainly were on toys, games, comics, figurines, model kits....Seriously, I weren't bored at all cos I was trained de okay!! Anyway, I oredi said I'm all yours today so U can do anything u like, go any place u want and see anything u yearn. U call the shot and have the say!!! :)

Tummies were growling and we went for Dim Sum buffet that I have placed reservation beforehand. Foodies were yummy but we were really lousy as buffet-goers cos our tums-tums got filled up so fast within an hour and the worse thing was we didn't eat a lot loh. However, both of US enjoyed the quiet and peaceful moment together. Though the day-out was a simple one, it was practical, fun-filled and great. Glad U enjoyed!! :p

Happy Birthday to my dearest Hummy!!!!


  1. Thank you for the arrangement and companionship. I feel like king for a day. Ha! Ha!


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