28 December 2008

It's Party Time!!!

Mummy had arranged for a X'mas gathering with her frens and oso my frens yesterday. I've been longing for this day to come as I'm a party animal. I couldn't contain my excitement and we started off the day by taking foto while waiting for the guests to arrive.

Aunty Karen n Kylie meimei were the 1st to reach as usual.
They came together with the Gym family aka Uncle Martin & family. Junhao didi is a very playful baby like my didi too. He was laughing out when mummy sang and talked to him. Heng ah, at least mummy didn't scare him off can liao. :p

Aunty Doris n Jeanie jiejie were the next to reach. The 2 charbos then took fotos flaunting their curls again!!! :D

The children started their day by keeping themselves busy and hands occupied on the "Decorating the X'mas Tree Coloring Activity" that was specially arranged by mummy.

Just when I was pestering mummy for Shervon jiejie, she appeared together with aunty Chris

and of course my fave, Teacher CN. How can I miss taking foto with my fave teacher using my fave signature pose? :) So sad she wun be teaching me next year!! :'(

The best piece of ART that day was from Jeanie jiejie.

If u r thinking how come my didi wasn't in the picture then U r not wrong....he was koon-ing lah. He cannot miss his afternoon nap de, else u can see a 'live Godzilla' ah. However, he has decided to shorten his nap time cos he oso party animal like me leh. He wun miss out da fun de loh.

Ryan korkor forever very quiet de leh. I think my mummy sure like him alot de cos she always asks me to shut up my mouth be quiet, to talk softly, not to make so much noise.....argh..until I can recite le loh...must invite Ryan korkor to my house often so that I can pass the "chatty-bugs" to him. Think I can tag-team with Shervon jiejie, hiak hiak hiak.

We had "pass-around-the-ball" game and another "Message-in-the-socks" game before proceeding to makan session.

Yummy....look at the foodies....Ah ma specially prepared some veg sushi, steamed some mini kuehs and chestnut cake while gong-gong brewed a fusion of chestnut and chrysanthemum drink for the guests. Since it was teatime so the foodies chosen were mini puffs, mini cakes, mini tartlets, mini eclairs and fruits.

How did the food fare? Look at aunty Doris and U will noe the answer, hahaha. I think Jeanie jiejie's fave gotto be the sushi ah ma had prepared. Another well-enjoyed item gotto be the chestnut cake ah ma has made. Even papa likes it. :p

Or u can look at Shervon too!!! Yum yum yum...Shervon jiejie's fave was the egg tart mummy has ordered.

After makan, mummy played another "shapes-finding" game with the children to decorate the X'mas tree that she has drew on the board. Hopefully all children enjoyed themselves in the gathering process....from coloring to games to makan to playtime.....

Mummy gave out X'mas goody packs and presents to all guests and not forgetting the balloons. Ho..ho..ho.. Merry merry X'mas to all of U...See ya next year!!! Happy New Year! :)

Look at Ryan korkor! Like PCK anot? Aunty Chris suggested to hv a dress-up party next time. Suggestion taken into consideration.....hehehe...but will need some planning....nvm..such hassle thing shall leave it to mummy ba. Let her go crack her brain else become rusty how?

A very big thank you for everyone who took their time off to attend this small lil' party with me. I enjoyed ur companion and had a great time playing with U.

Thanks aunty Chris, Tr CN and Shervon for their lovely presents! We went out to nai-nai's house shortly after mummy cleaned up the house. Gu-por gave me a pre-loved party dress wore by aunty Melissa. I simply love it and asked to put on it the moment we reached home.

It was pressie opening time and didi seemed uninterested as usual so he appointed me to help him. Who asked me to be one good and doting jiejie? Hmm...mummy, next time cannot say I always bully didi har...I oso help him alot de leh :p

Yippee...another playdoh set for me but WAIT...mummy said cannot play. Boo hoo...gotto wait till tmr. Hmph, dunno is my present or hers leh. (",)

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