22 December 2008

A Christmas-ty Surprise

I was jokingly asking HB for my Christmas present weeks back and HB mentioned Christmas is a day meant for kids so he said "No Present for ME this year". I rmb telling him "I'm a Big Kid mah" but he still said "NO". Seriously I dun mind and dun feel sad but still I'd get him a present cos to me I think Christmas is a day for giving. I secretly went out to buy his present to give him a surprise.

When I was back home, Wenz greeted me and told me she wanted the blue and red presents. I was puzzled as I didn't wrap any present with blue wrapper so in order not to stir up this lil' volcano Wenz, I entertained her by saying "OKAY". Later when I were having my dinner, she came to tell me again she wanna the blue and red presents. I said okay again. Wenz then went to switch on the lighting on the X'mas tree and happily humming some Christmas song.

When it was late night and about time for the kids to sleep, I went to the corner to switch off the lighting and I found this. Hmm...so this was the blue present Wenz had been talking abt all this while. HB juz happened to come out of the study room and I asked him "Whose present was that?" He said with a grin that it was "Somebody's present wor". Of course I knew it was mine. Hehe...I got a X'mas present too! What a pleasant surprise for me, couldn't wait till X'mas to open it up. Thanks Hummy! :)


  1. I hope the gift is something you like. Thx for the Christmas gift darling!

  2. Oooh...of crse I Love it very much. Thanks Hummy! Muacks (",)


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