10 December 2008

A Meaningful Day

10th December is an important date as it is my good fren aka Karen's birthday. How can I not do anything for this special gal who has entered my life and created memories since 1991? Yeah, my sec sch classmate for all years, my 'helper' in doing my homework during school days, my telephone kaki, my promoter for beauty care products etc....If there is only one-word left to describe this friend, I'll choose the word "SINCERITY".

We spent the day by having breakfast together early in the morning. She has the intention for a hair makeover and oh well...I will 捨命陪君子吧! I have made prior arrangement and since there were still some more time to spare while waiting for the salon to open, we took some fotos of ourselves acting cute. :p


My mind is set on doing rebonding but Karen is indecisive on whether to perm or to rebond. After much discussion with the hairstylist, she has decided to perm and cut her fringe short.

Our new looks were ready after 4 hours+ of torment with restricted movement. I have cut my fringe short too due to too many baby hair after the hairloss from child birth. Well, I'm pretty sure my mum wun like my fringe cos I purposely asked to cut it 'slant' to be more unique. Karen suits this new hairstyle. I think she looks grrreat in curls. I'm bad in managing curls. I believe she can do a better job than me. :)

We went to take foto at those 'neoprint' machine. *sigh* Perhaps we are really getting older, we took quite a while to figure it out what's available in the store and the price of taking neoprint has gone up tremendously till $11. We chose the cheapest $8 that comes with 2 cards. The whole process was kinda fast and blur but we both enjoyed. We thot it was a duplicate but when the cards came out then we realised oh it was different and we spent all the time decorating the 1st card leaving the 2nd card untouch. So kuku and we ended up laughing at our foolishness. :p

Okie doki....time for our famished stomachs. We went to Swensens as buff-day gal will get free ice-cream wor. Should I noe my fren is not a dessert lover, I'll not order my ice-cream. I surprised her by bringing in the pressies from the tai-tai club after bluffing her saying I need to go to the loo. The pressies were in my bag all these while.

We set off to Clarke Quay after dinner and went for K-session at Party World. This charbo is really a K-goer, juz merely few minutes the song list already hit up to 4 pages liao. We will be missing out Doris but one new member in the tai-tai club this time round...who else??? Jinhui loh, kekeke. Welcome to the club (",)

QQ was the last person to reach. Did u see the BK paperbag in her bag? Ya, that was her dinner that she has sneaked brought in. :p

Acting cute again...*shake head*

Another surprise for the birthday gal....mini logcakes as her buff-day cake. Hope she like it.

Happy XXth Birthday to U!! (can change i/c liao loh :p)

All the tai-tais would like to wish u a very happy birthday. We really hope u enjoy urself on this day that was specially planned for u. Stay happy, healthy and youthful forever!!! :)


  1. wow... thanks to all my dear friends... for celebrate by bd for me =) Realy appreciate & touched...

    Thanks for the suprise presents & cake too ... snuacks... love u all *o*

  2. hurhurhur....how come that day at K dun gimme a real kiss??? kakaka :p

  3. Excuse meeee, ladies... Aint noooo Tai Tai, plssss... lol


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