17 December 2008

15 Months Oredi....

Blink blink blink and I am 15 months oredi....(",)

I'm getting cuter and smarter each day and mummy is getting busier as I grow. I know how to climb up the pram on my own without anyone's help. This is essential in aiding me for my daily morning activity of glazing out of the window.

Mummy says I'm head-over-heels for BIRDIE...cos the 1st word I utter first thing in the morning is "BIRD". Hmmm...if i wanna go gai-gai, I'll say Bird. If I wanna look out of window, I'll say Bird. If I really see a bird, I get extremely excited over it.

I know how to say "Hot" and "Cold" as silly mummy let me experience this 2 extreme temperatures by touching the exterior of the bowls. Common words like "ball", "take", "open" etc are my daily dialogue with everyone at home. My new addition is "No more" with hand action. :)

Me think mummy loves my supervisory action most when I put my hands behind my back and walk. Well well, I'm not completely useless at home okay!!! I do help to throw my diapers since 10 months old and put away dirty clothing after bath. There must be some event coming right up cos the adults are busy preparing me to say "gong xi gong xi" with hand action some more. *shake head* Me so young oredi got to learn so many things.

Okie doki, happy 15 months to me and cya next month. (",)


  1. Knowing Chinese New Year greetings will get you more Ang Bao. Ha! Ha! Mummy really knows how to calculate. Ha! Ha!

  2. kekeke...need to recuperate the loss from my pocket leh. :p


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