13 December 2008

Popiah Party

Mummy brought me to nai-nai's hse saying got some kind of party going on....Let me go kitchen check it out. Ye-ye kept saying this thing called popiah. Hmm....wonder wat's tat???

Nai-nai is bent on preparing her special 5-stars popiah after her fren gave her a buffet treat at some 5-stars hotel. This good fren of hers said the popiah served was superb. Of course nai-nai tried liao and think otherwise. She told her fren to hold her comments and wait till she tried hers. This has challenged nai-nai to prepare it on her own. :)

These are the necessary ingredients needed to make a Popiah. Look at our home-style DIY buffet counter!!!

Ye-ye was so excited over the popiah making and even requested to take photos. But then hor I think he got too gan cheong and got the sequence all wrong at his 1st attempt, kekeke :p

Whoa....looked kinda yummy leh. Can u make one without chilli and onion for me pls??? I oso wanna try leh. My doting ye-ye then scooped some turnip and egg on a saucer for me to go along with my porridge. Yippee...I gotto eat too. Hurray!!! I finished my porridge in a flash. (",)

Ye-ye savoring on his DIY popiah. So how does it fare?

Of course a thumb up for it lah. Ye-ye very smart de, he wouldn't want to end up being locked out of the house for not giving his honest comments. But seriously, the popiah taste really yummy else ye-ye wouldn't finish 6 rolls at one-go le. My mummy also can finish 4 rolls and more to come.....

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