20 December 2008

Gathering with the babes

We were invited to Aunty QQ's house for a Christmas gathering. Both didi and I had a great time there playing with other kids. Talkative mummy also enjoyed herself chatting with her
friends. We were one of the few who reached there early....aunty Doris is a slowcoach as usual, kekeke :)

We played while indulging in yummy pizza that was ordered by aunty QQ. Didi was bullied strangled (look out for the photo) by aunty QQ's niece, Ezanne not long after we have reached. He cried for help after he couldn't breath and mummy went to his rescue. After which he stayed besides ah ma and guai guai sat on the sofa until after some warm up then he dared to mingle about. Actually I think Ezanne meimei likes and enjoys playing with children, juz that she dunno how to control her strength juz like me when didi was born. I'm a pro now after much scolding coaching and guiding. :p

We stayed till abt 2.30pm and left shortly after gift exchange. Thanks for the invitation and pizza. We love the goodies too. Aunty Cindy is so kind to prepare another goody pack for all kids and that will make 2 goody packs for me. Yippee!!! They are all Santas of the day, hohoho....

After which, we moved on to another gathering at temple and have another round of fun time where they were plenty of cakes and lollis...Yum yum..That made a happy day for the both of US....(",)

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