23 December 2008

Is there a Male Cinderella?

Didi lost one side of his fave Barney sandal and the worst thing is nobody knows how it went missing. Ah ma told Wenz that didi's shoes was missing and 1st thing that she said was "Is it ye-ye lose it?".

Well, the last person seen handling it was ye-ye but that could not be the reason for losing or misplacing it. Ah ma's reasoning was could hv dropped on the way back when ye-ye pushed the pram but my assumption was didi could have thrown one side of the sandal out of the window since he oredi acquired the skill of climbing up the pram and glaze out of the window.

So shall wait for his princess to find his shoe then :)

I have bot a new pair of shoes for him as his X'mas present to replace the loss. My fave quote: 舊的不去, 新的不來! We have combed thru all areas and still no sign of it. No point dwelling on it le....

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