05 December 2008

Christmas mood

Hubby has decided to set up x'mas tree since it was his off day and juz happened both kids were brought to the Chinese Garden for fish and bird feeding. I came home seeing the x'mas tree being set up and was feeling x'mas mood coming right up all of a sudden. I have bot a roll of ribbon while out for lunch earlier at work and decided to put up ribbon for this year x'mas. I have added in one more fella to the x'mas tree as well - the cute pet named CJ7 given to Wenz by her jiu-ma few months ago.

The only drawback is we gotto surround the tree with the play yard else there will be no ornaments left on the tree by tmr cos terror Denz and devil Wenz will destroy everything. :p

Now our house is ready for receiving x'mas ....ho..ho..ho.. The kids were super happy upon seeing the x'mas tree when they returned home from Chinese Garden. Look forward to the coming up parties....Yippee!!

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