16 December 2008

GoonDoo Mummy!!!

I was rather angry with myself for buying the wrong milk powder flavor for Denz. HB and I were out buying groceries one night and I saw Pediasure having bundle promotion so we grabbed 2 sets. I were still happily telling HB abt the savings we could enjoy while queuing for payment...then happily stacking up the tins in the cupboard.

The opened tin was finishing leaving abt 2 scoops in it after I made the last feed for Denz the next day. I was kinda lazy to bring down a new tin from the cupboard for the midnight feed (YES, this boy still WAKES up for milk in the NIGHT...YAWN...) so juz went into the room with Denz putting him to bed. Sometimes it's juz too difficult to 'stay young' esp when ur body is getting old. I realised I get easily tired nowadays....maybe age is a factor *sob sob* @_@...Anyway I fell asleep immediately after putting Denz to sleep.

This boy woke up really early for his midnight feed and I was awoken by his thunderous screaming-like cries. I woke up panicky and quickly went to the kitchen to make milk. Darn...left 2 scoops of powder...so I climbed up the chair and brought down a tin of powder. I got a shock upon opening the new tin when I saw the powder was of a different color from usual. As I usually only switch on the light in the bathroom, the lighting is not bright enuf so I thot maybe the powder spoil liao but cannot be wat, new one leh, then a thot juz flashed and I went to check on the tin and realised "Premium Chocolate". Arghhh....siao liao loh, the 2 sets were all chocolate flavour. Damn it! I have ran out of the usual vanilla flavor and was worried that Denz might not be able to accept the new flavor. Phew! Luckily he blur blur finished the whole bottle of milk and went back to sleep. Well...who ask him to hv the genes from a family of chocolate lovers? It is no doubt that he will fall in love with the new flavor :p

*sigh* How can I be that muddle-minded to buy the wrong flavour? Wat's wrong with me?? I NEVER overlook such thing de. First time and I wanna make sure this is the last time. I wonder will the kids get too heaty after clearing all the tins in the cupboard??? I'm praying very hard none will get constipated. :(

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