25 December 2008

Christmas Party

Our family Christmas Party for this year is scheduled to be held on the actual day 25th Dec at gu-gu's hse cos papa gotto work on the eve. This year party consist primarily of immediate family members only. We waited for papa to nap 1st but spoilsport mummy said we have to nap as well else NO X'mas Party for US tonight. Of course didi guai guai obliged loh....well, as for me, I oso slept for whole 2 hours loh cos mummy said tonight is pressies opening time for ME. Yeah, hurray!!!

Didi and I were both well-dressed for the occasion. I had fun running about there and taking photographs. Nai-nai even brought our toys over to gu-gu's hse for us to play juz in case we felt bored.

But we weren't bored at all. Didi was busy checking out the hse machiam like contractor lidat. His action sooo farny ah even ye-ye see liao oso find him so cutez then gave him tried some potato salad, then he moved around and nai-nai saw him oso found him sooo adorable and gave him few mouthful of the chocolate logcake, then ah ma saw him gey lek gey lek sooo interesting oso gave him half of the chocolate candy and when he walked to mummy, she oso gave him some of the icy cold chrysanthemum tea....sigh..basically he was busy going round pian jia pian jia loh. :p

Everyone filled their stomachs till full n round like the people in Wall.e, kekeke! Soon it was pressies opening time for the kids and Ben kor-kor was extremely excited over his presents. Everyone seems to noe what he likes and yearns for cos they bot the same Yu-Gi-Oh cards but different design for him. Kor-kor was over the moon man..Didi and I both got a pair of shoes from ye-ye and nai-nai. We both got some candies and cookies from Uncle Kel and gu-gu. :)

I We couldn't wait to get home for another round of pressies opening moment. Didi didn't show any interest in opening of the pressies but I ripped off the wrapper to reveal the content within excitedly.

But he was delighted when papa put the Transformer hooded towel on him. That was a present specially chosen by papa for didi.

Whoa! I We had a fruitful X'mas this year. I love the pressies ah ma gave me US especially. Mummy could foresee some snatching and fighting will evolve so reminded me repeatedly to SHARE else Santa Claus will take it away. Hmm...as if Santa is sooo free leh...hohoho :p

A very big thank you to everyone for ur presents! Merry X'mas (",)


  1. Wenz was so happy that she can't even sleep at nite. She was overwhelmed! Ha! Ha!

  2. Ya man, she couldn't sleep and gotto accompany her till she tidur...argh..over-stimulated. But glad the kids were super elated and enjoyed this year X'mas!!!! :D


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