31 December 2008

Surprise for my MAN

31st December is a very important date. Not bcos I gotto go cheong at countdown party nor go any clubbing with frens to celebrate the night away but it is YOUR birthday. How can I not do anything BIG for my ONE TRUE LOVE to have a memorable 30th birthday??? I have everything in plan while everyone is eagerly looking forward to send the last day of the year away and welcoming the New Year 2009.

U may think that I have arranged a special day out celebrating with U yesterday was YOUR present but tadah.....here I am going to give U something else other than yesterday outing.

U always say I'm a Jack of all trades and master of none. It's true that I love learning new things but none was used and put into real practice.

I always want to pick up a 3rd language so I enrolled myself in Jap class years back when J-pop was the in-trend then. I picked this language up partly oso bcos of U, hoping to help U translate when U were playing Jap games, reading game manual or other hobby mags. But then I stopped after attaining JLPT 4.

I signed up for adult piano lessons for about 3 terms and stopped after that. U dunno my main reason ba? Main intention then was to kill time as U were working shift and I have plenty of time to spare then. Though I always have the passion for piano and always hope to be able to play well in this instrument, the best and longest piece I could play is "The Entertainer" only.

*sigh*Yes, I admit I'm a master of none all due to my lack of patience, time, money and perseverance. U would say no excuses but all are facts leh, okie okie...and a bit of my nuah-ness can? :p

So on this special day of yours, I'd like to give u something special as a gift from the skills and knowledge I have acquired thru all these chap-pa-lang courses attended or thru self-mastering all these years.

As U r turning 30 this year, I'd like to present u 3 presents. By the time U r reading this posting in the morning on ur special day, U would have seen ur 1st pressie on top of the lappie le. Look out for the 2nd and 3rd that u will be getting. Though it may not be spectacular or extravagant, I have spent a lot of time cracking my tiny brain (u noe U r my brain) to come up with it, practicing it and designing it. Hope you will like it.:)

Lastly, Happy Birthday to U!!!! お誕生日おめてと御座います。(See, I'm using my Jap le, kekeke)

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