02 December 2008

仟湖 Here I COME....

Ye-ye and nai-nai have been telling us that they will bring us to feed fishes one day and today is that 'one fine day' that we have been waiting for. :p

We went to this place called 仟湖, not bcos one of the character symbolise my Chinese name but bcos they have a wide selection of fishes for you to see and other services like fish spa as well. Somemore there is a free shuttle bus that bring all of us there to their doorstep. U noe lah, free things dun come by easy so if there is genuine freebies in this world, Grrrab loh :)

The aquarium got lotsa smal smal fishes and some really big big fishes in big big tanks. Didi seemed uninterested with the fishes cos all the while he is interested in birdies only.

After aquarium, we went to the outside where they offer fish-feeding service as well. Look at the fishes in the pond. I think they are called KOI fish ba. This is where we could feed the fishes with the food we have bot at the premises.

Didi was amused by the moving leaves instead and few birdies flying around there. That was when he started to have some laughter and smile on his face.

He was guided to feed the fishes. Hmm.....this greedy didi nearly put the fish food into his mouth initially. However, upon seeing the fishes swimming near him after he threw in the food, he began to pick up the momentum and enjoyed feeding the fishes.

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