19 December 2008

Going Recycle....

I have found a storeroom for myself. Hmm...ya it's jiejie's old potty. Mummy has been telling me not to waste food and resources, I better crack my brain to put it into better usage. As jiejie dun use it anymore, better put the potty into good use rather than letting it stay at home and take up space.
I noe Singapore is a clean and green country so I must be pro-recycling too. This is so useful for keeping my small small toys. Mummy said though it was clean thoroughly, still the idea of keeping toys in potty dun seem right. Well, I think she not open enuf lah, I'd say myself being innovative man....isn't there a store selling food in potty too in Taiwan? :p

Still she's not receptive to my idea and mummy got me this new storage space. (",)

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