19 June 2008

West Coast Park

Mummy and Wenz entering West Coast Park

Super good weather and nice scenery

Our chill out place

One fine sunny morning when both Irene & I were both on leave, our overly anxious Wenz had tried to wake me up at around 8am by pulling my arms. As I took a peep in my daze, I could hear Wenz calling 'Papa wake up' 'Papa wake up'.

When I finally got out of my bed, Irene and my mother-in-law were already busy preparing our picnic feast. We have bee hoon, fried rice and egg mayo sandwich (my favourite) for later indulgence. Me? I'm just lazing around. Ha! Ha!

It was around 10am when all of us set out for West Coast Park. 'WE' consisting of Irene, Wenz, Denz, Ben, my parents and my in-laws. This outing was actually initiated by my wife and suggested by Benedict cos he hoped to visit both East & West Coast Parks during this June school holidays and Irene has longed to bring Wenz for sand-play as she hasn't play sand before.

I don't remember when was the last time I visited West Coast Park or maybe I have never been to West Coast Park. I think it was an excellent idea and we made it come true. Going for outing like this may seem easy to many who have their own transport. However going by public transport with three kids along would require more manpower.

As I was saying, we took bus number 176 (TIBS) and there was a little mishap to Wenz on board the bus. Wenz had extended her left arm in between the gap of the handle bar and seat, hence her arm got stuck. She was really scared and had cried badly as I tried desperately to free her. Luckily, Wenz' right hand was free only with a slight bruise near her elbow. She was again in high spirit when she arrived at our destination.....


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