19 June 2008

Sand playing

Wenz dominating the playground and posing for photos with her pink hat on.

Shhhhiiiiiii! Don't disturb! Roadwork in progress....

Wenz was overwhelmed when we arrived at the playground of West Coast Park. She was running around exploring the place like Dora before she settled down to play sand. This is the first time Wenz actually play sand. Actually the sand-play set was bought when she was a year old but she waited 2 years before she could really use it to play the real sand. [Sorry little Wenz for depriving you from sand playing all this while] So we let Wenz played on her own and you could probably see from the pics on Wen'z indulgence using the shover and spade scooping sand into the pail. Hee! Hee!

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