07 June 2008

Bakzer Wenz (part 2)

Bravo Wenz! She is able to stir in the colouring into the butter cream and spread the cream on the cupcakes. I guess Wenz enjoy decorating the cupcakes the most. She was practically placing the icing and at the same time taxing the sugary stuffs. After making the cup cakes, Wenz was still smiling away. Most importantly, the cupcakes also taste very nice. Yummy!


  1. Wenz is enjoying herself! the cupcakes look nice and yummy!

  2. She really enjoyed herself....erm i mean eating those candies, hahahaha.

    Read ur blog mentioning Dash went Learning Horizon as well. Too bad dun get to meet up :)

  3. yah, he joined different program, but the place is nice. :)


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