12 June 2008

Elephant Girl

Last weekends had been a tedious one for both Irene & I. We were practically running around preparing for my brother-in-law's (Irene's elder brother) wedding day. We had even doubled up as emcees for the banquet.

Now that the major event was over, it is back to blogging business again. Anyway, there was this day that I wake up from nap, after I returned home from late shift when Wenz ran up to me wearing this gadget and told me that she is an elephant. I was totally surprised and amused!

Irene then told me that she had brought Wenz for enrichment class at Zoophonic and the topic was on circus. Irene did not stay in the classroom cos she had to packet makan for me. Where to find such good wife!

This D.I.Y elephant trunk was made from styrofoam cups, stocking and newspaper does seems very real. I bet Wenz had enjoyed her enrichment programme again.

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