30 June 2008

Princess 38

So long didn't update on sweety Princess' development. Wenz is 38 months old exactly. Why did I choose to blog when she is 38 months old? Well, 38 has a very strong affinity with woman, hahaha :)

Okie doki, back to the topic, Wenz has definitely turned from a little baby to a sweety child now. Hubby enjoys her companion as she could speak alot and engage in a decent conversation with you making you smile at times, laugh at times, angry at times and sad at times.

She likes to mimic adult's action as usual. One good thing is she has gotten use to the existence of didi too. There was one instance we went to an aunty's house and when we were about to leave, she reminded me to bring didi home and cannot give didi away. Such a loving gal. I wonder did she really mean that? But those words were really comforting. :)
When I was busy tending to 2 alone during weekends, she is also very cooperative by reducing noise level to the minimum when I make didi sleep and by playing alone while waiting for me to come out and attend to her.

Ever since she watched "The Enchanted", she is always dreaming to be a princess. After attended her jiu-jiu and jiu-ma's wedding, she has displayed the princess craze even more. She will ask to put on her princess gown and every dress that she has put on, she will relate it to a princess gown and started singing and dancing like a barbie doll. Well, before this, I was so afraid she might be a 'tomboy' as she hardly wear a dress or skirt cos the folks usually will put on pants or short for her. It seems that I don't have to worry now. :)

Her fave junk snack gotto be gummy candy and lollipop. She will ask to eat candy EVERYDAY. *sigh* If only she ask to eat more rice and porridge..... Hmm....I feel that her feeding is already quite okay, though appetite is small but at least still eats 3 meals a day with rice or porridge as her main course. She loves waffle and can really finish 1/2 to 3/4 of it during teabreak whenever I bring her out.

One activity she loves doing it is she will purposely beat you, hit you or step on you then say SORRY to you. So notti of her, isn't it? She loves replying "ORH" whenever anyone ask her to do things. Cute, isn't she? :)

We love to tease her too. I like to use candy as a bait to make her listen and complete a task. If I said I'll give didi candy and not give her cos of her bad behaviour, she will answer me "didi cannot eat cos the candy is too big, later didi will choke. Wenzel can eat cos wenzel know how to chew". What a smart answer to trick us? Try harder next time...... :p

Write about her can take up 3 days 3 nights still unable to have a full coverage. Well, will update again on ad-hoc basis when I'm free. Stay tune.

Happy 38 months old my princess dar!!

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  1. Mummy has finally found her inspiration to blog again. Daddy the reserve goalie and now take a step back. Totally agree with wat you say honey.


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