06 June 2008

Mega Sale

Toys are going cheap at Toys'rus Forum Outlet as they are having crazy sale for 3 days only starting from 6 June to 8 June in this GSS season cum their re-opening special. Some good deal going at 45% off.
Spotted some must-buy items but in the end only get the Fisher Price walker for Denz as we will need it in months time. Didn't buy much as 'somebody' might NAG if he knows about it. :p

The elmo is selling at $9 only so my 'bad eyes' sent some kinda signal to my brain telling me to include in the bill as well, hiakz. True enuf, that somebody said though is cheap, it's a waste of money as we dun need it at all. See...told u somebody will definitely nag right? Anyway, it can be my bolster mah, then I dun have to buy bolster loh. :)

Well, the walker was supposed to be for Denz but in the end Wenz insisted that she must help didi to QC check a little bit 1st. What a good jiejie!

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