21 June 2008

Didi @ West Coast Park

My dad is someone who likes taking strolls and viewing nice scenery. West Coast Park is of no strange place to him cos he told me he has been here countless times (even the time when the park was not built). Dad was so keen on going to the shoreline that he went there on his own with his makan shortly after we settled down.

When he returned telling me how nice the shoreline is, we went there together with Denz. The scenery was nice except for a few ships docked nearby for repair. We were also enjoying the sea breeze when my dad told that he once brought me here when I was still a kid and he had even engaged a boatman who took our family to the nearby island for sightseeing. Sad to sayy, I could not recall such an event.

Denz I guess did not know what was going on but he definitely likes going out and been pushed around in his pram. He was also trying to speak during the conversation between my dad and I. It's father son and grandson talk.

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