07 June 2008

Bakzer Wenz (part 1)

Too many cooks spoil the dish....Ha! Ha!

Look @ the kidz' enthusiasm...

This June school holidays are really packed with lotz of outings and enrichment classes. Two of the enrichment classes attended by Wenz include 'Speech & Drama' and the other is this very interesting lesson on making cupcakes.

It was a Saturday when my wife and I brought Wenz to Learning Horizon @ The Grassroots' Club for this enrichment programme. It's like a cooking lesson tailored made for the kidz. The children were trained on their motor skills to crack eggs, separate the yolk from the egg white, stir the flour, blending the mixture and transferring the mixture into the cups before placing them in the oven. And of course, with a little assistance of their anxious parents.

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