20 June 2008

Vainy Pot and Kettle :)

A good friend of mine kept reminding me over the phone during working hours almost everyday the aging effect when one cross 30. She urges me to be extremely hardworking about face care and not to be lazy with the application of beauty products and going facial.

Actually I'm a lazy sort of woman who dun spend extra time on all these but after hearing what my friend said, it does has some impact on me. I imported few hundreds pieces of masks and ampoules. Yes, I really mean few hundreds of masks lying around in my drawer. I'm planning to DIY my own facial session at home on top of my once a month overhaul at salon.

Who said 'vain' is the word to be used on woman only? If I'm a vainy pot then hb gotto be the vainy kettle as he also enjoys putting on mask with my DIY facial skill. Beauty care is not limit to women only though it's women's priority :)

Well, hb should be pampered once in a while too. He is working very hard each day and helping out in the house as well. If you have notice, this blog is currently managed by both of us as hb offers to help blogging since he has more free time than me. Where to find such wonderful husband? :p

Hb got hooked on blogging ever since I taught him to start on his own blog. If you are interested in figurines and toys on Macross, Gundams, Mospeada and Patlabor, do hop by here for a peep. :)


  1. Vain kettle here! Hey! I didn't know I was caught on candid camera! Anyway the mask is really good treatment. Ha! Ha!

  2. Hehe, glad u like it...if FOC u still complain then next time dun hv good sabisi liao loh. :)

  3. haha, when is my last facial, sigh...


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