17 June 2008

9 Months Flew Past

Time is something that can never be enuf when you have children around in the house but we can always plan our time to get things done and meet goals of priority. Denz has turned 9 months old in such a blink. He is such a cutie pie to play with. His cheery character has won the hearts of many in the house.

What is he capable of in this month development?

  • He knows how to call ma...ma...ma...FINALLY. Yippee... :)
  • Calling 'pa..pa..' at every moment.
  • I think I heard him calling 'ye-ye' when he sees my FL, which is why he is FL's precious gem.
  • He ever called 'ah ma' once only and never heard of him saying ah ma anymore.
  • He loves to say 'eh' whenever he sees someone.

Fine Motor Skill
  • He is using his thumb-index finger grasp more and more by trying to pop in the Gerber puffs into his mouth.

Gross Motor Skill
  • Denz enjoys crawling around on his bumper mat. 15 mins of mat time is usually incorporated in his daily activities. Why only 15mins? Else my back will break cos no one wants to help chasing after him. :(
  • He is trying to walk few steps without holding onto anything whenever he is in his playpen.
  • Denz has definitely grown to be stronger as he is always trying to stand on his feet from sitting position but he has not master standing skill yet. :)
Feeding Habit
Prince loves to eat solid food compared to his milk. He will only drink in the morning, very little in the afternoon and 1 full bottle before bed time. His intake will be more if I'm tending to him for the whole day cos I dunno whether he wanna tekan me or what? He simply reject milk whenever my mum feeds him.

He prefers rice than porridge as he enjoys food of more chewing texture.

One thing for sure is he loves SWEETNESS. You can tell from his expression whether he likes the food anot. He will come back for more if he likes the food and display the satisfied look. So cute.

Oh if he's really hungry, you outta feed him fast else he will 'grumble'. He really outshine Wenz in this area. Hopefully he will grow up to be an easy kid in feeding too. *keep finger crossed*

Social Interaction
This is the area that worries me least cos Denz is always in his cheerful self. He loves to see children playing and I believe he will also enjoy playing with them when he is ready.

General Development
He still enjoys pulling hair, grabbing spectacles off and wriggling like a worm whenever he's in a cab or bus. One more thing he is best in is he loves to manja and is getting worse. This time round with a particular manja expression to show you if u dun carry him.

I notice he couldn't play alone for long compared to Wenz of the same age. He is an attention-seeker as he will whine and yell for you to come and play with him or juz be with him doing nothing.

Oh before I forget, he has master the skill of Singapore Icon - COMPLAIN. If jie-jie snatches his toys from him, he will come to me and utter some baby language as if telling me that he was being bullied, cute little boy isn't it?

Happy 9 Months Old to my cute lovely sonny. May your growing up journey be healthy and happy. :)

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