10 June 2008

Vivo here we come (Final part)

Wenz on innovative see-saw

Can you find Wenz?

Ben enjoying going through tunnel

You'r on candid camera!

It was near dinner time and when we brought the kidz to the playground. Personally, I find the playground @ Vivocity very unusual. The facilities may look simple but yet we could find slide, merry-go-round, see-saw and many more. Wenz was too engrossed playing at the playground as usual and I could only take some candid shots. I must also thank Ben for looking out for little Wenz who ran around almost recklessly.

After the playground session, we had dinner at Vivocity before heading home. It was already past 10.00pm when we reached home. I guess my father was pretty worried about us returning home so late cos he standby at the bus-stop to fetch Ben. The kidz had enjoyed themselves and it was definitely a long and eventful day for all of us.


  1. going there this weekends, hope we have fun like wenz too!


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