21 June 2008

Building sand castle

Ben posing as 'Jack Sparrow' from 'Pirates of Caribbean'

Benedict was really in the mood of playing sand while he was at West coast Park. He took over the shover and spade after Wenz left for munching. Ben was in his relax self that day and I was really astonished to see him played sand for so long.

Furthermore Ben even asked me to take a video of him and he gave a victory hand sign while taking photograph. Ben had kept trying to build a castle by overturning the sand in the pail onto the mole hill but was always unsuccessful cos the structure couldn't hold. So the helpful uncle shared my experience on sand castle building by telling him to mix water into the sand and pact the sand properly into the pail before overturning it. It works! Ha! Ha! Very Hao Lian right!


  1. been wanting to bring my son to play sand too...but haven't do so...looks really fun, must find a day to go.

  2. yeah, u must really go and hv fun too! Dash will love it for sure :)


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