10 June 2008

Roller blading

Oh yes! I have almost forgotten to blog the gift we bought for Wenz during our last visit to Vivocity ~ Toy R' Us. It is this pair of skates. For the past one week, Wenz kept asking me to support her while she try to maneuver herself after putting on her skates. The rollers on the skates can actually be adjusted a suitable speed to aid learning. There are also two parallel wheels on the skates' heels to improve balancing. Really inspired me to pick up roller blading as well!


  1. definitely provide hours of fun for Wenz and Irene has more time to tend to didi :)

    Well, the item is on discount due to GSS and is selling at $29.90 instead of $49.90 so mummy where can tahan not to buy it. :p


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