15 August 2009

STGCC 2009

Entry by mummy
STGCC aka Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention 2009 is here again. HB is the happiest person as he was invited by his blog friend to attend the official opening nite on thursday (which was not open to public) as a 'media'. How could he miss such a rare opportunity? 1st hand info, 1st hand preview and also the priviledge to buy things without having to squeeze with the others. For more info and coverage, u can visit here.

I brought the kids to STGCC. I love this, sketches of things that collectors like. Too bad, I can't draw, not even sketch else will give my input too.

The convention was way too crowded on a Saturday. I could hardly squeeze thru the crowd with 1 toddler walking and 1 in pram.

Hence I stayed put at one of the booth where Action City was. Wenz was fascinated by these squeezable 'bread' and kept pester me to buy. They sure look lovely. As HB was busy accompanying his cyberfren all the way from nihon, I decided to make my way to Spinelli to wind down and get the kids something to munch.

I bot 2 tees from the Taka booth before leaving the convention. The tees were sooo cute. Both have the character "Domo" on it. In case u dunno how domo look like, here's the pic of it. :D

There were lotsa people cosplaying too. Oooh, my childhood fave - "Mario and Luigi".

One last pose for Wenz with the cosplayers while waiting for the lift. Then my torment in the lift commenced with Wenz kept buzzing me with this question "Can I wear the white gown like the jie-jie earlier?" Luckily she never ask how come the jie-jie's hair was purple. :p

A peep of my cute tee. Domo!!!! (",)

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