03 August 2009

Mummy's Toy

After much influence by didi, mummy also likes watching the cartoon "Cars". But then hor, her liking a bit off-track different lah. She likes Guido most. LOL :D

YESsss..... the tiny little bluey in the movie cartoon. U can remove the 'Ferrari hat' off it. Such a cutie...

He has a friend called Luigi (the yellow fella) and both of them like Ferrari to the max in the movie.

Back to Guido, he always dream of giving a real race car a pit stop. He did it finally when he changed tyres for Lightning McQueen in tremendous speed and got famous.

Hence papa bot mummy the little figures and she's really happie about it. Well, it's August now and she's the queen cos it's her birthday month wor. (",)

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