02 August 2009

Kitlyn's 1st Buffday

We were all dressed up and ready to go as we were invited by Uncle Kit and Aunty Lilian to their precious gem's big day.....

Well off we went to Hortpark. It was our 3rd time visiting this park but this time was a little special as we were there celebrating Kitlyn mei-mei's 1st buffday.

I was so excited seeing so many balloons while didi had a whole lot of freedom running amok, no wonder he was grinning from ear to ear :)

Aunty QQ was one of the earliest guests we saw. She couldn't wait to carry Kitlyn.

Next we saw aunty Doris and Jeanie jie-jie who came slightly after us.

How come Kitlyn mei-mei's buffday turn out to be mummy's mini gathering huh? Duh (",)

The buffday theme was Minnie Mouse. So does Kitlyn mei-mei or her mummy likes Minnie? All decos, kiddos plates, napkins, cups, balloons and goodie packs were minnie. Needless to say the cake was Minnie too. :p

I sung the buffday song loudly but how come the buffday gal didn't blow out the candle? Her papa 1 yr old ah? Nevermind, as long as you remember to give me the minnie chocoz on the cake can oredi.

Happy Buffday to Kitlyn. Wish u happy and healthy 4eva!
"Fast Tall Grow Up"


  1. Little Kitlyn has nice head band. Seems like fun fun fun! Lovely yummy looking cake too!

  2. We din get to eat the cake too cos in a hurry to get home for didi to rest....sob sob...


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