25 August 2009

Horrible + Terrible

Entry by mummy

Didi is in his Terrible 2 stage now. He loves screaming and yelling at the top of his voice. He gets irritated easily and will get angry from the slightest thing that upset him. One thing I really dislike about besides screaming is he likes to throw things around. Be it soft or hard, he will juz throw onto the floor. Sometimes could be a very big hard plastic toy. He is also fond of throwing things out of the house.

He is one smart lad too. He jolly well knows who to bully. Poor ah ma will be his victim. Really hope he will be out of the T2 stage soon. Luv U, my dear sonny.

U have heard of Terrible 2 but have u heard of Horrible 4? If not let me brief u about it. Wenz is in her Horrible 4 since she has turned 4. She is super disobedient and rude recently. She has attitude problem all along but has gotten worse now. U will never know when her mood will change.

One sweet thing is she'll always say 'I Love U' every now and then. However, she'll also say this when she has done the wrong thing. So I am really afraid of hearing 'I Love U' at times. One thing for sure is she's a vainy pot like me. She'll never let me off easily whenever I apply lotion, put on mask, be it face mask or eye mask or put on make up, she'll definitely want to put on too.

She is so angelic when being nice but her tantrums is something not easy to deal with. Hopefully she can change for the better. Mummy love U, lil' princess.

To both my kiddos, pls stay healthy. Mummy loves U both.

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