02 August 2009


Right after the 1-yr old birthday bash that we had attended, there were a 2-in-1 buffday celebration for ah ma and nai-nai at night. It was a simple makan affair at the restaurant. Oh well, papa and mummy really noe how to kill 2 birdies with 1 stone. :)

Didi was so afraid of this when nai-nai was trying to tickle him with it. See, I could even pose to take foto with it. Who say food is only meant for eating? :p

The foodies were yummy and the adults enjoyed it.

But also not forgetting to take fotos and some act cute moment. Hey isn't that my signature pose? (",)

Didi, the sharp butt couldn't sit still for long especially if gotto wait. He wriggled out of his high chair and ye-ye carried him out jalan. I tagged along too giving papa and mummy some personal time.

What a buffday day we had and also not forgetting to wish ah ma and nai-nai a Hearty Happie Buffday. We wish U good health, good wealth and good luck and may longevity and prosperity be with U always.


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