17 August 2009

Mummy's Birthday

Entry by Papa

August is a month full of birthdays. Right after my mum's birthday will be my wife's. Yes, 17th Aug is Irene, our kiddos mummy's birthday. To make her really happy, I have decided to get her a bag. Yup, ANOTHER bag to her collection. I wonder since when did the once-a-year ONE LV BAG become a norm. :p

I had Mr K. as guest appearance as he wanted to go LV store so badly but don't wish to enter alone. In addition, he knew very well I will get something out from the store hence he already booked appointment with me to tag along. :)

We went LV at ION Orchard branch. Here's a victory pose before entering...

A new bag is sure enough to brighten up her day. She was all 'lighted up' and in high spirit.

As we had to head home for dinner, we didn't go for the 1-for-1 ice-cream and dessert buffet deal. We are both sweet tooth person but we are really lousy when comes to eating buffet.

Dinner menu was steamboat at home. What a sumptuous treat prepared by my mother-in-law.

The kids were really excited about singing the birthday song, waited eagerly to blow out the one-and-only candle and wriggled about impatiently for their cakes to be served.

I wonder was it the queen's or the princess's birthday? ^.^

Wenz already 'chop' the eyes which was made of chocolate. She is not a cake lover but is definitely a chocolate lover, 1/2 like us cos we love cakes and chocz.

Besides bag, I got her a 'lock-pendant' necklace when I was looking out for my toys. I didn't get anything in the end but she 'earned' another small present from me.

Happy Birthday to my dearest wife. Hope you like the present! Loving U...

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