18 August 2009

Kyan's Full Month

This is a post-dated entry on both didi and I attended Kyan didi's full month celebration on National Day together with Shervon. As mummy did not bring her camera along, she used her mobile phone to take peektures, hence I gotto pester her to quickly bluetooth the fotos to my com so tat I could update on it. :p

got so fascinated by Ryan didi's bed and toys. All was his fave - CARS. No wonder he was enjoying himself.

I managed to persuade the confinement lady for me to carry lil' Kyan. Mummy and the CL was on a lookout at all times.

Didi must be thinking was it a toy baby that can make noise. He did sayang lil' Kyan like the way he did at home when playing the toy baby :)

Mummy's eye rolled when I suddenly wanna let go of the baby after carrying for like 20 minutes. Luckily we were on the mattress and the CL had everything in control.

Happy Full Month to U, Lil' Kyan. May u be healthy and fast tall grow up.

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