10 August 2009

G.I. JOE - The Rise of Cobra (2009)

This is definitely one of the few movies that is worth watching especially if u r looking for a action-packed film. I really mean it....it was all action-packed right from the start till end. I can guarantee that you wun be bored to tears. :)

I could vaguely remember playing G.I.Joe figurines during the 90s with my brother. We had a full set of it but all contributed to the trash bin oredi. The cartoon was really popular then but I dun remember myself watching any of it. :o

Oh well, back to the movie, I was impressed with the high-tech weapons used in the movie. The casts playing the characters were well-suited too and I especially like the role of Baroness/Ana and Storm Shadow. Ripcord has contributed to most of the hilarious segments in the movie. The ending of the movie suggested that there would be a sequel....

What a fruitful day for me from watching play with Wenz this morning, advance BD celebration in the noon to watching nice movie at night and chilling out at Gloria Jeans with SL, kids' godpa and HB after the show. Thanks to mum for babysitting my 2 precious kiddos. Yippee...(",)

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