10 August 2009

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Guess what? It's a holiday for all, meaning mummy oso dun have to work. As mummy oredi knew this long ago, she has planned with aunty Karen to bring me and Kylie out to watch a play.

This screen at the bus stop was interesting. The images or rather the numbers will keep changing the moment I touched it. Hmm....I guess this was wat mummy always say - Touch Screen. But this touch screen was not very sensitive leh, sometimes can work and sometimes was not responding. :p

Yokay, finally reached but not forgetting some evidence to proof we were there.

The play that we have watched was "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

Time to go in but wait.....gotto search for our tixs.

I sat and waited patiently for the show to start. Oh well, I did make some noise while waiting though. I juz wanna murmur "Baa..baa..baa..." :)

Kylie mei-mei has gotten used to the theatre type of environment and was no longer afraid of the darkness and loud noise. 3 cheers for U.

This was how the stage look like. Wait a second......did I tell lie often? Mummy kept emphasizing the fact that children shouldn't be telling lie at all whenever the Shepherd boy was lying to his dad and then laughed about it. What a close, he was nearly being eaten by the wolf. He learnt his lesson eventually.

We took a free shuttle bus to PS for part II of the program after the play. Dun ask me why did I come out with such a posture for foto-taking. :p

See U @the next play again! (",)

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