01 August 2009

I Love Singapore

It has been years since I last watched NDP live. I have been lucky to win 4 preview tickets this year, hence I went with Wenz together with my in laws. This is my 1st time watching at Marina and also with Wenz.

The whole admission procedure has definitely changed to be a more organised manner with security checkpoints setup.

Everyone was in high spirit. Wenz was feeling excited too.

Needless to say, this is my fave booth - Fun Pack COLLECTION.....oooooh yeah! :D

We found our seats and quickly settled down.

Not only Wenz was happie, my in laws were excited too!

Too bad, papa and didi couldn't join us here. Dun miss us too muchie (",)

Some greetings from the RSAF. I'd think the performance is AWESOME!!!! Whee-e-whee

Besides complimentary admission, foto-taking is also free. With Canon-sponsored portable printer, we got this tiny 2R foto free instantly as a momento.

The show has ended. There is nothing to complain about....free admission, free foodies, free thirst-quencher, free snacks, free bag, free performance......wat's more to ask for right? On top of that, I heard Wenz reciting the pledge when everyone stood up to say it out loud. Ooooh...the whole atmosphere was so solemn and serious. I guess you could only see it during NDP. Saying the pledge and singing National Anthem proudly. ;)

Look at our goodie packs....only missing out the 2 green and 1 dark blue. My fave is pink, how come there isn't pink at all?

Wenz loves the courtesy lion....erm juz like ME. Is this genetic or wat? Well, not only she chose and insisted to take foto with the lion with the flag on its cheeks, she also gave it a Big HUGz :p

This is her 2nd year watching...I guess she really enjoy comin....hopefully we'll get tixs again next year (",)


  1. Sorry, I wasn't able to join due to work commitment. :(

  2. Tat's alright....next year bah....if we get the tixs again...Yeah!


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