08 August 2009

1st HansArt Lesson

My school is in collaboration with Hansart, hence the lessons will be held at the usual place where I go for school everyday. Due to convenient location, mummy has enrolled me since late May thinking to let me engage in some enrichment during the June holidays.

However, every sat seemed so filled up with endless activities and partly also bcos June was mummy's down period. As payment was oredi made way back, 3 lessons were still pending for me to attend. Here I was going for my 1st Art lesson.....

This was my 1st masterpiece - Bull's eye. Teacher explained to mummy while I was drying up the painting.

My 2nd piece was "water-color painting". Teacher said I have a whole room for improvement, not half, not 3/4 but whole room. SO I'm not so arty farty after all. :)

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