19 August 2009

New Haircut & Photo-Taking

Today is school foto-taking day and I had a haircut over the weekend. I had requested to cut my hair short but ever since the haircut, I have been pestering to keep my hair long again. It was a terrible experience for me.

Mummy brought me and didi to a new hair salon for our haircut. However, I wasn't too happie with my new haircut. Neither ah ma nor mummy like it too. In fact, they were disappointed. My fringe was uneven and the the back was worse. Mummy said this would be the 1st and the last time we will be patronizing it. :(

Mummy has bot me 2 hairband to cover up the uneven fringe and I have chosen to put on the blue one for foto-taking today.

Didi has his haircut too. However, he looks nice with it. I wouldn't say dashing but his new haircut really suit him. :p

How could there be such vast difference? Oh well, our hair was cut by different hairstylists. Okie, perhaps didi could go back ter for his hairdo again but not for me. :)

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